The Miami Five are free!

After 16 years of unjust imprisonment in US jails all of the Miami Five are now free and at home with their families in Cuba. On Wednesday 17 December, Cuba and the United States announced that a prisoner exchange would take place which would see Antonio, Gerardo and Ramon released and back home in Cuba.

Rob Miller, CSC Director said: “This is the right thing to do. It is truly wonderful news for the Five, their families, all those who have campaigned to see this day and above all for the Cuban people.

We now hope that this will see the end of 50 years of the failed policy of aggression and blockade and the beginning of a new era of friendly relations between two countries and two peoples.”

In addition to the release of the remaining members of the Miami Five President Raul Castro and Barack Obama announced the beginning of normalisation of Cuba-US relations.

“We have agreed to re-establish diplomatic relations, but this does not mean that the main issue has been resolved, the blockade that generates economic losses and humanitarian problems in our country must stop,” said Raul Castro.

A full report of the announcement can be read here.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign thanks the thousands of supporters in Britain and the world who have campaigned tirelessly for the release of the Five and an end of the blockade.

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