AGM 4th March

We are keen for members to contribute ideas as to what they would like to see included at the AGM.  If members have any motions they would like to put forward we want to hear from you too.  We have invited John Cryer MP to be our guest speaker as it is only a few weeks before the election in May.

We are in the process of sending out an invitation letter together with a preliminary agenda, ballot papers for the election of a new Branch Secretary and other information. The closing date for the ballot papers to be returned is Friday 30th January at 4pm.

There will be stalls and a buffet lunch (at the 12-2pm meeting).   There will be a further session at 4-5:30pm for those unable to attend at lunchtime.  We hope that our members are able to join us for this important event.

Join us in the Council Chamber on Wednesday 4th March.



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