Say No to U.S Sanctions & Show Your Support for Venezuela Today

No More Pinochets in Latin America – No to Coup Plotters in Venezuela! A VSC Emergency Appeal for Your Support

The recent decisions of the U.S SenateCongress & elements of the Obama Administration to indicate support for fresh sanctions against Venezuela, have shown why we urgently need your support to step up our campaigning.

I am delighted to say we have now raised over £8000 of our £10,000 target & would ask you to donate today to help us reach our goal.

If 500 people in total donate £20 we will raise enough to continue to increase our impact, so please give what you can to help us expand our work.

 Matt Willgress, VSC National Co-ordinator

 PS: If 100 more people donate £20 we will raise enough to increase our impact at this vital time.

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