Take the pledge and vote for public services

ge 2015UNISON is preparing to mobilise a ‘public sector army’ ahead of this year’s general election – and is asking you to sign up and do your bit.

Under the slogan, Care for it? Vote for it, the union is asking members to take the pledge and commit to vote for public services at this year’s general election.

With more than 1.3 million members, UNISON is perfectly placed to talk about the issues that really matter to you, our members – in your workplaces, in your homes and in your communities – and together we can make a crucial difference on 7 May.

“This is the most important general election in a generation, with just under a million public sector jobs at risk,” says general secretary Dave Prentis. “It’s also going to be the closest, with every vote making a difference.

“UNISON is standing up for an NHS that is fit for purpose, social care that protects those than need it and an education system that prepares our children for the future.

“We want members across the UK to be at the heart of our work ahead of the election. We know what a difference we can all make, together, on 7 May.”

You can pledge online or order pledge cards from the online catalogue which you can hand to your local rep. In return, you will receive updates from UNISON and opportunities to get more involved.

It is very important that all of the completed pledge cards are collected and returned to UNISON as soon as possible. This will enable us to contact the people who have pledged to vote closer to the election.

View the pledge card

Sign it online

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