Don’t let the racists divide us Stand up to UKIP

Public meeting – Harmony Hall, Truro Road E17 7BY – Saturday 7 March at 2.30 pm.  Click here to see the flyer.

As you may be aware the general election will take place in May this year. One of the political parties that will be standing locally, will be Ukip. 

WF UAF believe that Ukip are a racist party who have a political agenda that includes scapegoating and blaming migrants and we also believe they have changed the mainstream political landscape, by taking the most of the political parties to the right. Whether its blaming migrants for lack of employment opportunities, joining the demonisation of Muslims or using crude and xenophobic stereotypes of  non English people.

WF UAF is endorsing the launching of the Stand up to Ukip campaign in Waltham Forest and would like help and support over the next few weeks. They want everyone from the local communities to become involved.

The launch will include various speakers including  Amal Azzudin (One of the Glasgow Girls), Glenroi Watson, Jo Cardwell and Canon Steven Saxby.



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