Asbestos advice

asbestos1Members who have been exposed to asbestos through their work activities should always fill out their employers accident/ incident form as this starts the evidentiary paper trail if in the unfortunate event that a claim for an industrial disease ever arises. All accident/ incident forms completed by LBWF employees now trigger an asbestos related investigation by the Health and Safety Unit and records are kept for a number of years. UNISON members can and should register the fact that they have been exposed to asbestos with Thompsons solicitors who act on our behalf in all claims for damages against negligent employers. Thompsons web site is where the Personal Injury Compensation Claim form can be found and filled out, for people who would like to contact them by phone their number is 0800 0224 224.

Asbestos related illnesses can take decades to manifest and one of the main problems that we face in claiming the compensation that is available is pinning down the link between our work and the exposure that has taken place.  When in doubt report an incident as records are crucial and the more information that can be obtained the better.

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