WF UAF – EDL visit to Walthamstow 9 May 2015

On Thursday 2nd April the EDL announced their intention to visit Walthamstow on 9th May 2015.

Currently there is no firm information so we need to be sure we do not overreact. The police have not received an application from the EDL to march. We do not know if this is a real proposal to march or a publicity stunt. The community response via Facebook has been overwhelming: the EDL are not welcome in Walthamstow.

We must not be complacent. The EDL has suffered considerable setbacks in the last few years but recent events have shown they can pull in significant support. In Oxford (4th April) they had over 150 in attendance. This recovery must be checked.

As the situation is uncertain, but there is a strong need to prepare, we have called an activists meeting for Tuesday 14th April, 7.30pm at The Mill, Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow.  Hopefully more details will be available then and will be able to form a coherent plan to counter the threat. In the meantime please remain calm and do not cause unnecessary panic.

There is a Facebook event which will have the latest details:

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