Asbestos Seminar held on 26 May



Thanks to everyone who attended the Asbestos Seminar on Tuesday 26th May in the Town Hall Council Chamber.

Asbestos can be a frightening subject unless you know the facts and Lorna Webster’s talk and power point presentation did just that.  She gave us the facts about what our employers should be doing to prevent asbestos exposure and what UNISON members can do if they think that they have been exposed to asbestos.

All members should fill in an accident/incident form so that it’s registered with their employer as well as completing a Thompson’s/UNISON asbestos exposure registration form and returning it directly to Thompson’s with a copy to the branch office as we are now setting up our own branch register.

Some other helpful advice that came out of the seminar was to make a note of any possible exposure and ask your GP to place it in your medical records.  If the unfortunate event of an asbestos related condition arises one of the first things your union solicitor will request is your medical records.

Retired UNISON members would still receive legal representation from Thompson’s, and as the average latency for asbestos related conditions is 40 years, the one off £15 lifetime retired membership is money well spent.

We hope to be running more health and safety seminars in the future on various topics.  If you have any ideas for future topics please let the branch office know and we can build on the recent stress and asbestos seminars which have been held.

Finally a big thank you to Thompson’s and in particular to Lorna Webster for all their help and expertise.

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