TTIP & The European Parliament – Urgent action required

TTIPThe European Parliament will be voting in plenary on Monday 8 June on the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

Attached you will find a one page statement, written in general terms.

In the meantime it is vital that pressure is put on MEPs – so please act on the link

Can you take part and disseminate this action to as many contacts as possible?

The European Parliament will vote soon (maybe as early as Monday 8 June) on a resolution on the controversial TTIP trade agreement between the EU and the US (Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership).

Forward this action to all your contacts and encourage them to write to MEPs calling on them to make sure the TTIP resolution includes:

  • defence of workers’ rights;
  • protection for public services;
  • removal of ISDS and special courts for foreign investors; and
  • no reduction in regulatory protections for workers, consumers or the environment.

The European Parliament vote is our biggest opportunity yet to make our concerns known.

European Union & International Relations Department | Trades Union Congress
Congress House | Great Russell Street | London | WC1B 3LS  


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