Advice on Individual Consultation Meetings (ICM’s)

Frequently asked questions

Can somebody from the branch attend with me?

The Branch receives a large volume of requests to attend Individual Consultation Meetings (ICM’s) with our members. Whilst we make every effort to support our members through this process, due to the number of ICM’s taking place, we cannot attend every one. For fairness and consistency we advise our members to attend their ICM with a local rep, colleague or friend if applicable, to make some notes, and if they have concerns about the meeting to contact their rep in the first instance or the Branch Office for advice.

What can I expect at the ICM?

There are generally 4 scenarios at the ICM:


This will only happen if the new JD and the old JD are ‘broadly similar with no material differences’

And, where the grade difference is either one grade up or down from your current grade

And, where there are the same number of people as there are posts

Closed ring fence

The criteria is the same as above but there are more people than posts therefore there will have to be a competitive interview. The unsuccessful candidate(s) will go onto the re-deployment list

Open ring fence

This is where the jobs are similar but where there are significant material differences i.e. more than 1 grade higher.  There will be a competitive interview but the panel do not have to select from this ring fence if they feel the candidates are not suitable for the position


This will happen where there is no post in the new structure that matches the above criteria for an individual. The notice period is normally a minimum of 4 weeks then 1 week for every year of service up to a maximum of 12 weeks. However, I believe that they are giving a minimum of 10 weeks; notice for the Business Support staff due to the number of people affected.

What if I do not get a job in the restructure?

You will be placed on the re-deployment list until the end of your notice period.  You will be placed on the re-deployment list for the term of your notice. Your notice period will vary depending on your length of service but will be a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks. During this period you will be sent a list of re-deployment vacancies that you can apply for (within one grade of your current grade). If you are not successful in securing another job during your notice period you will be made redundant.

Can I apply for voluntary redundancy?

You can apply for voluntary redundancy at any time, whether this is agreed or not depends on your individual circumstances and the cost involved to the council. There is no right of appeal if your request is denied.

Will I get more money if I go through voluntary redundancy?

No. The redundancy payment will be the same whether it is voluntary redundancy or compulsory redundancy. If you are over 55 and in the pension scheme you will be able to access your pension without the usual penalties for taking the pension early.

Can I appeal?

You have 5 days from receiving the formal written ICM confirmation letter to appeal.

I hope that the above answers a lot of your questions if you need any further advice please do not hesitate to contact your rep or the Branch Office.



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