Public Sector Pay falls back against Private Sector pay rises

The Chancellor, George Osbourne has announced that Local Government will have to make a further 40% cut in budgets over the next few years and has also limited public sector pay increases to 1% a year. At the same time Private Sector workers are now enjoying an average of 3.3% pay rises according to Labour Research. In fact average pay in the Private Sector rose by 5.6% in March 2015 alone.

Labour Research also gives the full-time average weekly earnings of workers by occupation – how are you doing?

All workers £636.90 Administrative & Secretarial £463.40
All male £691.20 Skilled/craft £537.30
All female £553.80 Services (Care workers etc) £371.30
Managers £997.60 Sales £380.90
Professionals £812.60 Operatives £494.00
Associate professionals (nurses etc) £688.70 Other manual jobs £376.60


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