Launch of ‘Stand up to Racism’ – WF UAF

On Tuesday 21st of October WF UAF will be having a meeting to discus the launch of a local ‘Stand up to Racism’. The meeting will take place at ‘The Mill’, Coppermill Lane E17 The meeting will start at 7.30pm sharp.

As you are probably aware there are many stories regarding, refugees, migrants, racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism in the mainstream news. UAF has been at the forefront of fighting racism and fascism with other anti racists and trade unions and this work will of course continue. But in regards to mainstream and institutional racism we need to build a broader movement which encompasses all of the above and other issues that affect the lives of those who are seen as ‘alien’, foreign or a threat to the Tories, Ukip’s and even some of the liberal commentators policies.

Attacks on migrants and refugees have been countered with amazing acts of solidarity by ordinary people around the world. If we look at the generosity of those involved it shows that most of us do not follow racist ideas blindly but challenge it. Whether its through political acts of solidarity, giving support financially or taking people into our homes and communities.

Still,unfortunately governments still peddle myths, lies and propaganda about other cultures and nationalities. Only this week Theresa May made some disgusting comments about multiculturalism and how ordinary people cannot live together. We have the ‘Prevent’ agenda being forced on teachers, youth workers and lecturers. Then there is the threat of more bombs being dropped on innocent civilians.

So the fight for anti racists continue.

Everyone is welcome to attend and discus how to go forward with the group/campaign.


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