PSC emergency protest this Saturday!

Will you be there on Saturday 12-2pm outside the Israeli Embassy?

We are meeting on the corner of High Street Kensington and Palace Green, W8 at midday.

Over the past few weeks the brutality of the Israeli military occupation of Palestine has been laid bare. Hasan Khaled Manasra, 15 years old, was left to bleed to death while Jewish Israeli men stood over him shouting insults and telling him to die.

But this was not an isolated incident. This is the type of story that thousands of Palestinian and Israeli families have been forced to confront, with their children as the victims and the occupation as the cause.

In the last month, 29 Palestinians have been killed, over 270 arrested and 2700 injured by the Israeli military and the settlers they protect. At the time of writing, 8 Israelis have also been killed and dozens more injured. We can’t bring any of them back but we do have a way to fight back by demanding that this brutal occupation ends.

Please join us on Saturday 12-2pm outside the Israeli Embassy to demand an end to the Israeli occupation responsible for these atrocities.

This violence must stop, and the only way that is going to happen is through ending the occupation. This would put a stop to the settlements eating up more and more Palestinian land; the siege of Gaza pushing Palestinians to the brink; and Israel’s collective punishment, violence and racism.

Our voices are powerful in situations like this. We need to be clear that the occupation is at the root of this violence. Being there in our numbers on Saturday lets us make our demands loud and clear, and shows us standing side by side with those in Palestine resisting this military occupation.

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