One of our retired members recently sent this letter to the the local press.

“I write in relation to the proposed Trade Union Bill.

There are three points I wish to make :

Firstly, this must be one of the most unneeded proposed legislative changes for some time. The number of working days lost to strikes has been reducing for years, so, one must question the motivation behind the proposals. Is it just to protect the well heeled ?

Secondly, the hidden proposals re funding for the Labour Party from trade unions, seems grossly unfair when, the bankers and hedge fund managers, can continue to fund the Tories. The Tory Party gets much more money than their opponents as things currently stand.

Lastly, many economists would agree that a significant part of the reason for low wages, is the lessening of the effectiveness of trade unions to give bargaining power to workers as restrictive trade union legislation has blossomed over the decades.

This needs to stop. I hope that the unjustness of the proposals become clear to people and that they do not become law.”



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