Health & Safety Conference 5 February 2016

H&S conf 5 Feb 2016

a photo of some of the reps who attended

Waltham Forest Safety reps attended the South East Region Trades Union Congress (SERTUC) annual Health and Safety Conference held at Congress House on Friday the 5th February. The Conference had a packed agenda with 10 speakers who talked on the following topics: The Future of Health, Safety and well being at Work; Winning Better Health and Safety at Work through Organising and Minimising the Consequences of the Trade Union Bill; Trade Unions and the Prevention of Life threatening illnesses; Our Workplaces – Our Community: Campaigning Together and Building Networks – Accessing Resources – Getting Training.

The speakers ranged from Hugh Robertson who is the TUC National Policy Officer for Health and Safety to Lesley Stevenson who gave an inspiring talk on the prevention and awareness campaign that she runs against the largest killer of men, prostate cancer.

Our delegation had the full spectrum of reps with Bill Palmer as the Health and Safety Officer, Kellie Phillips who is currently undertaking the TUC diploma in Occupational Health and Safety, Eustace John Baptiste who is currently working through the TUC Stage 1 Health and Safety course and Andy Saggers who is hoping to start his training very soon (before the government cut the funding).

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