Old shoes for Workers’ Memorial Day – 28th April

shoesLast year as the local authority was in the process of being prosecuted for failing to manage asbestos in the Town Hall basement the branch decided to make a statement by some attendees wearing boiler suits and face masks. This year we would like to use the theme of “empty shoes” to demonstrate that people are still dying in Waltham Forest because of their work.  If you can donate an old pair of shoes or boots that you don’t need any more we would lay them on the assembly room steps to represent the loss of workers worldwide to accident, ill health and negligence. They don’t have to be work shoes or boots as such, in fact they could even be an old pair of slippers or wellies. If you can donate a pair of shoes please contact the UNISON office on 0208 496 4703. Sorry but you won’t get the shoes back as they will be put in the *bin just like the lives of those lost at work.


*recycle bin

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