Time is running out for blacklist firms

Countdown is progressing to the time when the multinational companies that organised the illegal blacklisting cartel are dragged into a full High Court trial.

Blacklisting High Court hearing: Thursday 7th April at the Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand – Assemble: 9:15am

Important Notice: Bring a BIG CLOCK (you can buy one from Poundland)

Lets make this a huge turn out to send a message to the rats and corporate crooks: our fight isn’t over til the clock strikes.


The clock on the strand by Johnny Boy (March 2016)

Tick tock tick tock, the fingers move slowly around the face
The inexorable march of time that keeps that steady pace
It has taken so many years of hardship to bring us to this place
Curtains of lies have been drawn back now there’s only lace

Tick tock tick tock, we had to fight you once again
So down to the royal Courts we came, justice to attain
It was in these halls of justice the blacklisters would be slain
Guilty of heinous crimes that caused us so much pain

Tick tock tick tock, you thought you were home and clear
You never thought the BSG would make the people hear
The working men you sacked and blacked refused to shed a tear
All your malice and vexation didn’t strike them with any fear

Tick tock tick tock, it’s time for all of you to speak
To tell the truth don’t dare tell lies because it’s looking bleak
Now that it’s time for you, I bet your feeling weak
It has taken oh so many years for you to stand before the BEAK 🌍👁


  • Major spycops conference

Doreen Lawrence, John McDonnell, Imran Khan, Diane Abbott, Jenny Jones, Helen Steel all confirmed speakers

Subvesrion, Sabotage & Spying conference

16-17 April 2016

South Bank Uni




  • Film maker Lucy Parker has asked the following questions – respond via: lucy.c.parker@googlemail.com

Are there any musicians among the blacklisted workers or supporters who would like to assist in the soundtrack to the film?

What would you like to see written in any apology that the firms lawyers had to read out in court? (actually BSG would like to know everyone’s thoughts on this one too)


Blacklist Support Group

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