London Memorial to the Irish Famine – Sunday 22 May 2016

Memorial to the Irish in London who fled the Famine
Time: Assemble at 12 Midday
Venue: TUC Congress House – assemble Main Entrance for speeches – 23-28 Great Russell Street, London, WC1 B 3LS.
Nearest tube is Tottenham Court Road tube station.

On Sunday 22nd May at 12 noon, there will be a memorial event in London to the Irish Famine of which many refer to as genocide! It will take place outside the main entrance of TUC Congress House in Great Russell Street. The nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road.
Speakers will include Phien O’Reachtigan on behalf of the Parvees (Irish Travellers) who owe their roots to this atrocity as many were evicted from their homes in Ireland. Another speaker is Peter Middleton from the London 1916 Easter Rising Centenary Committee since the Famine fuelled nationalism in Ireland which led to the Rising in 1916, itself.
This event is to remember the many Irish people who died in An Gorta Mor and the many who fled to London owing to this forced starvation. Although this forced famine started in 1845, it will be 170 years since An Gorta Mor began to inflcit many deaths in Ireland! We have chosen this spot as it is part of the Parish of St. Giles known as the first recorded “Little Ireland” throughout the nineteenth century. This area was the home to many Irish migrant labourers who lived in overcrowded levels of poverty and squalor. There were numbers of these people who died due to lack of nutrition and sanitation!
The London Memorial to the Irish Famine is hosted by the SERTUC Race Relations Committee who regularly publicise the history of migrant workers to Britain. The Irish workers were instrumental in building the British Trade Union movement and through their mass concentration of cheap labour, their production made Britain the most industrialised nation in the world! It is important that we remember all these Irish people in London as well as between one and two million who died in Ireland. May they rest in peace!
FOR MORE INFORMATION: Austin Harney (SERTUC Race Relations Committee)
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