Discussion forum on EU referendum – How should the 99% of Waltham Forest vote?

Wednesday 25th May at 7.30pm, Quaker House, 1a Jewel Road, E17 4QU.  Flyer attached

Speakers for Remain

  • Chris Ford – Momentum
  • Michael Chessum – Another Europe is Possible

Speakers for Leave

  • Nancy Taaffe – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • Sally Campbell – Left Exit

Confusion and obfuscation at best – lies at worst! Such is the coverage in the media on the EU Referendum that many workers have already switched off!

The opinions currently getting media airtime emanate mostly from the various interests of the 1% – those who already possess huge power and wealth. Yet many workers feel that no matter what is being said, threatened, and promised, they still have to struggle on low wages, high rents and unending austerity.

Can either REMAIN or LEAVE truly change the situation for working people?

Waltham Forest Trades Council has convened a Discussion Forum on the EU Referendum from the perspective of the 99% of the borough. The meeting is open to all to hear socialist viewpoints and join in the discussion, which will be kicked off by four representatives from the trade union and labour movement.

”The debate so far has focused on immigration, distant bureaucrats and red tape from the leave camp as opposed to the potential loss of huge numbers of employment and other rights, job losses and recession from the stay camp. BUT…. there are trade union arguments both for and against leaving the EU and they will be heard at our discussion forum” said Dave Knight, President of Waltham Forest Trades Council.

For more information contact 07952283558

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