TUC Re-thinking organising sessions – Unions and Young Workers

Date and time of event: Wed 15 Jun 2016 – 17:00 to 19:00
Venue: TUC, Congress House, London WC1B 3LS
Costs: Free

Union membership amongst young workers in the UK is at crisis levels. Less than 1 in 12 workers aged between 16 and 24 are members of a union and density amongst workers aged is Across the economy density amongst 16-25 year olds is lower than total density in every sector bar Agriculture, forestry and fishing and Manufacturing (some good news). In the two sectors with the highest numbers of 16-24 year olds the news is particularly worrying. Union density amongst the 800,000 young people working in wholesale and retail etc. is just 5.9% (overall density in that sector is 11.9%); in accommodation and food services where 555,000 young people work, density amongst 16-24 year olds is just 1.2%. Set alongside an ageing membership and activist base – the proportion of union members aged %0 plus has almost doubled in the last 20 years and are activists are most likely to be aged over 40 – and the fact we know workers aren’t more likely to join unions as they get older, it’s clear that recruiting and organising young workers is the key strategic organising challenge faced by unions in the UK today. The second TUC Re-thinking Organising session will set out these challenges in more detail and will start the process of considering the most effective union responses. The session will also see the launch of a new research commissioned by the TUC on the attitudes of young people towards unions and collective action, Speakers include Fern McCaffrey, Chair of the TUC Young Workers Forum, Dr Andy Hodder of Birmingham University and Simon Sapper of CWU.

To register for the event please use this link 

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