Defiant Butterfields tenants facing eviction visit landlords’ house

In these times of big profits for landlords in the rental sector, it is not uncommon for landlords to harass tenants…. a simple letter demanding increased rent is usually enough to send whole families packing. But not with Butterfields’ tenants!

Last Sunday tenants and supporters of the Butterfields Won’t Budge campaign from a small estate in Walthamstow turned the tables.

One family in particular had been harassed by the new landlords Butterfields E17 Ltd over a period. The landlords want them out so they can sell the flat, along with others, and make an instant profit. Serious harassment of the tenants took place on a Sunday, in fact on Fathers’ Day!

So…… a number of tenants facing eviction decided to pay the landlord a visit on a Sunday too – just to make a point. They were supported by socialists and trade unionists from Waltham Forest Trades Council.

The landlords’ family were at home in their huge mansion in Chigwell. They listened incredulous to the tenant’s complaints. In the end they accepted two letters of protest from the Tenants and Residents Association.

The tenants are determined to resist harassment…..and eviction. They are good tenants. They pay their rent and keep the flats in good order. They intend to resist at every stage.


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