Solidarity Statement on Lula – defend democracy & social progress in Brazil

This week the unelected President of Brazil rushed through a 20 year public spending freeze against the wishes of the majority of Brazilians (see Tony Burke from Unite’s excellent article here), confirming the disastrous results of the undemocratic removal of President Dilma Rousseff last year.
Now, the right-wing are seeking to discredit former President Lula to stop him being re-elected in 2018. He has taken his case to the UN as well as urging international solidarity, so please do consider adding your name to the statement below.

British Statement
After the undemocratic removal of Dilma Rousseff as President of Brazil through an illegitimate process that saw 62 senators overturn the vote of 54 million Brazilians, there has been an unprecedented defamation campaign against Rousseff’s fellow Workers’ Party member – and former President – Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.
This ‘trial by media’ is an obvious attempt to keep Lula from participating in the Brazilian political process. As a highly popular figure as a result of his reforms which lifted millions from poverty and his prominent role in opposing the extreme austerity measures being unleashed by the unelected President Temer, Lula is considered a possible candidate in 2018 presidential elections.
Investigating Lula, prosecutors have been unable to find any illegal activity committed. Despite this, prosecutors have submitted him to a number of arbitrary constraints and detainments, leading to an UN investigation taking place due to concern that his rights have been infringed.
We, the undersigned, support the work carried out by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and others in opposing this concerted campaign against Lula and stand in solidarity with those struggling for democracy and social progress in Brazil. 
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