Over a quarter of a million more in insecure work by end of next Parliament, warns TUC

3.5 million people could be in insecure work by start of 2022

290,000 more people could be trapped in insecure work by 2022 if current trends continue, the TUC has warned.

This is equivalent to thirteen extra Sports Directs, or the entire working population of Sheffield.

The figures show that by the start of 2022, 3.5 million people could be in insecure work such as zero-hours contracts, temp or agency work, and low-paid self-employment.

The analysis comes as part of a series of TUC election warnings, which show what the British economy will look like in 2022 if current trends continue unchecked.

Previous TUC research found that workers on insecure zero-hours contracts earn a third less per hour than the average worker.

The TUC also found that insecure work costs the Treasury £4 billion a year in lost income tax and national insurance contributions, along with extra benefits and tax credits.

The TUC is calling for:

  • A ban on zero-hours contracts: people working regular hours should have a right to a guaranteed-hours contract.
  • People on variable-hours contracts to get overtime pay for hours outside of their contracts.
  • All workers to have a right to a written statement of terms, conditions and working hours, from day one.
  • Everyone at work to get the same rights as an employee, unless the employer can show that they are genuinely self-employed.
  • Agency workers should be entitled to the going rate for the job, on an equal basis with directly-employed workers.
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