Have a say on YOUR pay claim for 2018-19

Our Members are under immense pressure, experiencing an incomparable deterioration in the value of their pay, the widespread shredding of terms and conditions, job losses on a historic scale and persistent insecurity, as well as ever-increasing workloads, pressure and stress.  If the decline in the value of local government pay is not addressed, the bargaining machinery is at risk of been seen as irrelevant.

Emails have been sent to members regarding the 2018/19 pay awards negotiations.  Please complete the brief ballot form.  The proposal is that the 2018/19 pay claim should seek a 5% increase on all NJC pay points and deletion of NJC pay points scp 6-9.  The deadline for the ballot return is Wednesday 24th May 2017.  If you have not received an email please contact the office or email admin@unisonwalthamforest.org.uk.


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