PSC: Stop Arming Israel Week of Action and Palestine Expo

Stop Arming Israel Week of Action 1st to 7th July – Join psc for a week of activities against the ongoing arms trade with Israel

Israel uses military force to maintain its oppression of Palestinians. It targets people with tear gas grenades, rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition, and carries out mass arrests, house demolitions and extrajudicial executions.

In the summer of 2014, Israel carried out its deadliest ever massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, killing more than 2,300 people including 550 children.
Israel carries out such violence with impunity through cooperation with the UK government and arms companies. Since 2008, the UK government has granted licences for exports to Israel of arms and other controlled technology worth £434m. This includes components for aircraft missiles, drones, sniper rifles and body armour.

HSBC actions around the country

PSC are targeting HSBC, who hold shares in, and provide loans to, military and technology companies that sell weapons and equipment to Israel. HSBC’s complicity in Israel’s militarised oppression includes Elbit shares worth £3.64m. PSC are calling on HSBC to immediately end all forms of support for arms companies that help Israel to oppress Palestinians and violate international law.

Actions outside branches of HSBC are taking place on Saturday 1st July in Brighton, Bradford, Sheffield, Hastings, Manchester, Enfield, Durham, Oxford, York, Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, Northampton, Merton, Liverpool, Bristol, and Faversham (on the 8th) – see the full list HERE.
Other events include:
protest at Ferranti/Elbit in Oldham on Monday 3rd July
public meeting in London on Tuesday 4 July
Thursday 6 July in Shenstone, protest at the Elbit Systems factory

Palestine Expo

Join PSC on the 8th and 9th July for Palestine Expo, at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Centre, for Europe’s biggest ever social and cultural event celebrating Palestine.
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign will be hosting a meeting within the Expo titled “From Balfour to Apartheid” on Saturday 8th July at 10am. Go and see Virginia Tilley discuss her recently suppressed UN report on Apartheid Israel. 
Other speakers will include Ben Jamal, Director of PSC, who will be holding conversation via video link with BDS founder Omar Barghouti.
You may be aware that pro-Israel groups have been lobbying for Sajid Javid – the UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government – to cancel this important event. PSC have been active in supporting Friends of Al-Aqsa with counter lobbying efforts to protect the Palestine Expo. PSC are pleased to announce that Sajid Javid confirmed that the event will be proceeding.
It is vital for PSC to show the Israel lobby that Palestinian voices cannot be silenced. Show your support by booking your tickets now
Please visit to book your tickets now and for a full line up of the two days of events and activities on 5 floors, featuring international speakers, live entertainment, food and shopping areas and much more.

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