PSC: Gaza in crisis: A man-made disaster

Electricity has been slashed continuously since March and is now available for less than three hours a day. Without the power necessary to treat wastewater, raw, untreated sewage is currently spilling out into Gaza’s beachfront.

More worryingly, the Gazan desalination plants have ground to a halt. A staggering 97% of water in Gaza is undrinkable. What will happen when there is nothing drinkable, and people resort to contaminated water?

Hospitals are unable to care for their patients and the electricity shortage has compounded the effects of medicine shortages caused by the blockade. Drugs for cancer treatment are running low, and 34% of medicines deemed essential are completely out of stock.

Gaza is on the brink of a man-made humanitarian catastrophe which is entirely preventable. The solution is to lift the blockade.

You can help by signing the Gaza petition

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