Disabled woman & partner to be evicted from home. WFTC & housing campaigners say differently

A disabled woman and her partner are about to be evicted.  Despite having lived in a flat in Brighton Avenue for 20 years, having paid rent consistently, and kept the place in good order, the couple have been informed that the bailiffs will be arriving at 9am on Thursday 22nd February.

WFTC housing campaigners will once again rally to stop this cruel eviction. We are determined that this lady will not be carried out in her bed and put on the street.

Linda Taaffe of WF Trades Council said, “One might imagine that, of the 12,000 homes being built in the borough, one might be allocated to this couple in their hour of desperate need. But no, the only suggestion given by the council is something in Manchester or Luton, far away from where they were born and bred, and where they have nobody. How cruel is that?”

For further information, contact: wftradescouncil@gmail.com

Or ring    07952 283 558 where we can put you in touch with the couple

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