Protest: Together for Climate Justice 1st December

Rally with speeches 12.30-1.30.
March to Downing Street, where the Frack Free United open letter / declaration against fracking will be handed in.
At around 3.30 there will be two or three brief closing speeches, wrap up by 4pm

Hurricanes and heat waves. Climate change is happening right now, tipping the balance towards more extreme weather.

Where next? The recent IPCC report warns just what is at stake if we breach 1.5C warming. For many years 2C was talked of as a ‘safe’ limit. It was only by the tireless work of those countries most at risk from climate change that 1.5C made it into the Paris agreement at all. But now it’s clear that 2C is ‘safe’ for no one. It’s also clear that we’re on track to overshoot it – heading for 3C or 4C within the lifetime of today’s children.

International solidarity. This December in Poland, countries will negotiate the crucial next steps to keep the Paris climate deal on the rails. It’s urgent. But we know we can’t depend on governments to represent us at UN talks infiltrated by fossil fuel interests. We need to hear the voices of those in the front line of climate change, those whose land and water is threatened by fossil fuel industry pollution, and those fighting for climate jobs. 

Too little too late. It’s not just Trump who won’t quit fossil fuels. From fracking to a Heathrow third runway, the UK is stalling on climate change. This is too important for complacency. It’s too important to pretend that long-term targets are any substitute for immediate action, to accept greenwash from our government or from corporations.

Time to speak out. Will you join our protest on 1 December to add your voice and stand together for climate justice?

Assembling at Portland Place, London from 12 noon for rally and then march. Speakers including Clive Lewis MP (Labour), Sian Berry (Green Party co-leader), Richard Roberts (Frack Free Four), Paul Allen (Centre for Alternative Technology) and more.

 Check for the latest news and how to get involved.

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