London produced quick PPE guidance

Below are a new London-produced set of quick reference guides for groups of workers around PPE which we received from the LBWF.  It should be noted, for a number of these guides, the guidance comes down to ‘PPE is not generally required’.
Quick reference guides
The areas covered by the quick reference guides are:
• Hostels 607697 LC Those working in hostels PPE
• Children’s Social Care 607697 LC Childrens Social Care PPE
• Refuse Collection Staff 607697 LC Collection Staff PPE
• Children’s Residential Home 607697 LC Children Residential Homes PPE
• Registry Office Staff 607697 LC For registry office workers PPE
• Substance Misuse Services 607697 LC Substance Misuse PPE
• Schools 607697 LC Schools PPE
• Cremation and Burials 607697 LC Cremation and burials PPE
• Care Homes
• Enforcement Officers 607697 LC Enforcement PPE
• Cleaning Staff 607697 LC Cleaning Workers PPE
• Housing Officers and Property Visits 607697 LC Housing officers & Property visitors PPE v2
• Volunteers 607697 LC Volunteers PPE v2
• Early Years and Nurseries 607697 LC Early Years & Nurseries PPE
• Transport Staff 607697 LC Transport service workers PPE
• Unpaid Care 607697 LC unpaid carers PPE v2a
• Youth Offending 607697 LC Youth Offending PPE
Note that LBWF have not included the London-produced guides on adult social care, as they have their own locally produced versions

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