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WF Branch solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter......

Waltham Forest UNISON is clear that Black Lives Matter. For us, this is more than a written statement. We are committed to campaigning against all forms of discrimination, racism and inequality experienced by our Black members in the workplace.  This includes the hidden,  implicit and institutionalised forms of racism that many non-white people experience. To do this, we support our members and ensure we have Black representation on our committee. In addition we are committed to showing solidarity with campaigns to change the society we live in so it is a fairer and safer place for non-white people.

To make a meaningful contribution to the campaign we have chosen two political organisations to support. One is based in the US and one in our borough, Waltham Forest. As a committee we will be making a £200 donation to each of these organisations. We invite all members to donate £10 or what they can to also show their support. Continue reading

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Don’t Call Us Heroes—Join Our Fight!......

Cleaner and security workers from the five continents will be commemorating  International Justice Day this June 15 with a set of demands to protect essential workers on the job and a reminder that the fight for justice in the workplace comes hand in hand with the struggle for racial dignity.  Click here to read more.

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Brazil, Bolsonaro & Coronavirus Catastrophe – with Jeremy Corbyn & guests.......

Join this important solidarity event with speakers from Brazil, Jeremy Corbyn and more guests/details tba.

Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro has consistently dismissed Coronavirus as “just a fantasy” and “media hysteria.”

He has recklessly refused to put people and health first. Brazil now has the second-highest number of cases in the world and rising.  Click here to read more and get tickets.

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Our NHS deserves better......

This 72nd NHS anniversary, share our ‘2020 vision’ for better health care,

This NHS anniversary weekend Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th July, Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together are calling for nationwide local events and a national online rally on Sunday 5th July at 4:30 PM to say, ‘Our NHS deserves better’
Sunday 5th July is the 72nd anniversary of the NHS. It was created in the aftermath of World War II, (a conflict that saw 67,100 British civilians killed) to create something better for us all. Continue reading

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Coronavirus: Plan dropped for all primary pupils back in school......

The plan for all primary school years in England to go back to school before the end of term is to be dropped by the government.

There had been an aim for all primary pupils to spend four weeks in school before the summer break.

But it is no longer thought to be feasible and instead schools will be given “flexibility” over whether or not to admit more pupils.  Click here to read more.

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New WHO Guidance on masks for COVID-19 – ignores findings of its own evidence review calling for more protective measure......

WHO has issued new interim guidance on the masks required for health care workers at risk from Covid-19, Advice on the use of masks in the context of COVID-19. It reasserts WHO’s unquestionably dangerous advice that most health care workers need only use surgical/medical masks (rather than respirators) that offer relatively little protection. A consequence is that some health care workers will continue to be exposed, infected and will die in circumstances that could have been avoided. The WHO advice will inevitably mean other at-risk work groups, including those is home care settings or required to undertake essential work in settings where physical distancing isn’t always possible, will likewise be placed at risk. Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter......

WF Trades Council last night was angered at the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minnesota police officers in the United States. 

We expressed our solidarity with our brothers and sisters in America facing racist state oppression and violence.

We supported an impartial, public inquiry into the disproportionate number of BAME people dying of Covid-19.

We agreed to protest while protecting ourselves and one another from Covid-19.

At 6.30pm on Wednesday 3rd June, express your anger and solidarity. Choose the option that is safest for you, or do both: Continue reading

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BME workers and coronavirus......

The disproportionate number of BME deaths from Covid-19 is shocking. ‬

‪The TUC want to hear from BME workers about the unfair treatment and racism they face at work. ‬

‪Share this survey with your BME colleagues, friends and family.‬  Click here to access the survey.

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Covid-19 spreading too fast to lift lockdown in England – Sage advisers......

Government advisers have voiced unease over the decision to lift England’s lockdown while thousands of people a day are still becoming infected with the coronavirus, warning that loosening restrictions could easily lead to a second wave.

“We cannot relax our guard by very much at all,” said John Edmunds, a professor of infectious disease modelling at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who attends meetings of Sage, the scientific advisory group on emergencies.

There are still 8,000 new infections every day in England without counting those in hospitals and care homes, Edmunds said. “If you look at it internationally, it’s a very high level of incidence.” World Health Organization statistics suggest it is the fifth highest in the world.  Click here to read more.

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