Settled Status scheme deadline – 30 June 2021

Changes in the law mean that EU citizens (this includes EEA and Swiss citizens) living and working in the UK need to make sure they have applied for Settled Status before 30 June 2021. Millions have already applied and secured their status, however UNISON is concerned that some may still miss the deadline.

Migrant workers in privatised, insecure work, older EU citizens and the vulnerable are more likely not to have applied. Our branches, reps and members can help spread the word, talk to other members and colleagues, friends, and neighbours about the deadline. Securing settled status is very important, as not applying by the deadline means the individual might lose the legal right to be in the UK. It is very important they make sure they have applied by 30 June.
If an individual’s legal right to be in the UK depends on an EU citizen, even if they aren’t an EU citizen themselves, they also need to apply for the Settled Status scheme.
To apply for the Settled Status scheme, click here
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