NPC Protest Friday 26 November 2021, Midday

The number of additional winter deaths of older people, due to cold related illnesses will be announced on Friday 26 November 2021.

On that day London Region National Pensioners Convention (NPC) will be protesting at the government’s failure to prevent fuel poverty deaths.

 JOIN THE PROTEST – Friday 26 November 2021, Midday
Assemble by George V’s statue at Old Palace Yard Westminster, opposite the House of Lords.  Then march to 10 Downing Street

For further information please contact 020 8668 2840 /

Pensioners are already dying from cold related illnesses, and the situation will only get far worse with the forthcoming increases in the cost of living and fuel bills.

It’s estimated that GAS PRICES Will INCREASE BY UP TO 30% next year that will result in far higher number of Pensioners and those most vulnerable dying.

It is predicted the energy price cap will go up to about £1,660 in the summer, almost £400 an increase of 30%.

Immediate action is for the Government to halt any increase to fuel and other bills.

This must be followed up to make sure older people have a well-insulated,

warm home with income needed to pay fuel bills. This should be a basic requirement for a decent society to do.

We must have a programme to insulate homes, this would help with the climate crisis, build more suitable properties, raise winter fuel allowance, ending the excessive profits of the big six energy companies.



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