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Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival July 2015

Although I have been to the Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival on a few occasions over the years I have always done so just as a day trip on the Sunday.  So I was pleased to be able to go along for

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Cuba Solidarity Campaign Forthcoming Events

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The Union Advantage – How unions make work better and society fairer

Every day, Britain’s trade unions are working hard for their members. Even now, when times are hard, our negotiators are able to win pay rises to help people cope with the worst effects of the government’s austerity programme.

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A free historical talk by Lester Hillman – Tuesday 4 August 2015 at 7.15pm

In a richly illustrated presentation, Lester Hillman, will plunge the murky depths and bring to the surface the ‘dark side’ of the Regent’s Canal. It will be held at Camden Local Studies & Archives Centre, 2nd Floor, Holborn Library, 32-38 Theobalds Road,

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Government takes a swipe at Safety Representatives

The Trade Union Bill is a particular worrying Bill with implications for anyone at work.  The TUC will be producing a range of briefings and other resources in the coming months.

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Kids4Libraries march

Barnet UNISON is organising a  march on Saturday 12 September.  The march is called “Kids4Libraries”.

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Union-busting at a factory making €1,000 luxury leather bags

Mulberry is a British company that produces luxury goods like leather bags.  It proudly proclaims its commitment to “corporate social responsibility”. 

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Gypsy memorial events

On 2. August 1944 all Roma and Sinti in the “Gypsy Camp” in Auschwitz were murdered, after 2 months of brave and desperate resistance.

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Protect Freedom of Information

Protect our Freedom of Information laws, that give people the right to hold our decision makers to account.  Click hereto sign the petition  

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Lunch time talk by Eric Lee of Labourstart – 8 September

Two lunchtime talks have been arranged for the 8th September, these will be held in Committee Room 2 at the Town Hall between 12-1pm and 1-2pm. The subject of the talks will be “Workers of the world,Unite? How a 21st

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