Get active

Meet new people, learn new skills and go places.. get involved in your union and become an activist!

If you are interested in the work of UNISON and would like to become involved why not become an elected representative? You will receive training on representing members and dealing with work based issues. In addition to training you will also be given support by other branch officers and reps.

If you are interested in becoming an elected representative please contact the UNISON office who will help you to organise a work place meeting to get you elected. Time off for representing members and training is agreed with management. The UNISON office can let you know who your members are.

Being an elected representative is a very rewarding role and a good opportunity to gain experience and skills to add to your cv.

An elected representative can be a Shop Steward, a Health and Safety rep or a Union Learning Rep.  Shop Stewards recruit, represent and organise in their workplace. Health & Safety Reps make sure that their workplace is a safe and healthy working environment and Union Learning reps encourage others to undertake education and training.

If you feel that you are not yet ready to undertake an elected position you can put yourself forward as a UNISON Contact.  Contacts receive regular information from the Branch and are asked to ensure that members are kept informed.

We are always keen to recruit Shop Stewards, Health and Safety Reps and Union Learning Reps. You may like to know more about becoming an elected representative, workplace contact or want information about Branch roles. If you are interested in any of the above roles and would like to know more please contact the UNISON office on 020 8496 4703 or visit the UNISON national website.

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