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The UNISON Knowledge Base provides up-to-date and legally checked information on employment rights and key issues affecting people in the workplace and at home. These documents refer to national guidelines and local agreements may be different.

You can find out more about the following issues;
Disputes and Grievances
Health and Safety
Information and Privacy
Terminating or Suspending Employment
Vulnerable Workers
Working Patterns


Acas provide information, advice, training, conciliation and other services for employers and employees to help prevent or resolve workplace problems. Their advice is to deal with problems at an early stage, to save time, money and stress later on, for both the employer and employees and to stop the situation developing into a full-blown dispute.

Your first step should be to check if there has been a mistake or misunderstanding that has caused the problem unintentionally. It’s always simpler to talk to people directly and informally about a problem.

If you can’t sort the matter out informally, you may wish to:

  • talk to your line manager, HR, or your union representative
  • get advice from an outside source, like the Acas helpline

It is important that you:

  • keep a record of relevant events: include dates and times, plus a description of what happened
  • keep copies of anything relevant, eg letters, memos, emails, notes of meetings

Formal procedures:

  • make a formal complaint (follow your employer’s procedures – if you have a union representative, ask them to help you state your grievance clearly)
  • consider using a third party by way of mediation, see Acas’ advice on mediation and our mediation services.



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