We don’t currently have a Welfare Officer.  Please contact the main number: 0208 496 4703 or email: admin@unisonwalthamforest.org.uk if you have an enquiry on this topic.

What does a Welfare Officer offer? They link in to Welfare Head Office who are a charity in there own right but are linked to UNISON and are amongst the top 500 charities in the United Kingdom.

Unison welfare is a unique confidential service offering advice and support for Unison members and their families.

They offer

  • Listening and support
  • Financial assistance
  • Breaks and Holidays
  • Debt Advice
  • Personal advice

All these services are free.

There is usually a role for UNISON’s charity to play in helping members as well as addressing problems collectively.

There are many personal problems where we can help such as illness, domestic violence and relationship breakdown.

We provide financial support to members and their dependents who are experiencing unforeseen financial hardship or circumstances that have placed an unreasonable strain on the household budget.

A sudden loss of income or increase in expenditure because of illness
Death of a Partner or relative
Disability caring for a family member with special needs

The main purpose is to act as a short term safety net whilst we work with you, other agencies and other parts of UNISON to help you adjust to the situation.

Also welfare are always looking for ways to raise more funds we now have our own lottery which is run as part of the registered charity on a monthly basis. We pay out 50 cash prizes a month with the first prize of £1000. 50% of all ticket revenues will be paid out in prizes and 40% will go to Welfare, the remaining 10% is used for administration cost. If you would like to support our cause please call follow this link  . You can buy up to a maximum of 10 numbers per month at a cost of £1 each. Unlike other prize draws you don’t have to remember to buy a ticket for each draw. Once you have filled out an application form and direct debit instruction Welfare we’ll collect the money from your bank account and enter your numbers in each draw, you CAN cancel at any time

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