“…..successful outcome and would not have achieved this without the support of the Union……. thanks again” – UNISON member, October 2015


“Using the union was a positive experience” writes a member, April 2014

“Joining UNISON is the best decision I have made in years. Having worked in the Private Care Sector for several years, I had often thought about joining UNISON but felt that it would not be worth my while. However, after months of difficulties with my unsupportive and disorganised management, I decided it was time to join up. Despite having been a UNISON member for less than 6 months the union represented me without question and with complete commitment and professionalism.  UNISON successfully helped me to agree a deal with my employer, which has resulted in my leaving the company with a very acceptable financial deal and a guaranteed good reference. My UNISON Rep was totally supportive, helpful and encouraging and I absolutely could not have achieved the same result on my own. I would strongly encourage anyone to join UNISON so that you too receive the same high level of care and support, when dealing with employment issues and management who don’t listen.”

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